The Top 10 Worst UN Actions of 2018
10. Maduro Regime Glorified by First UN Rights Official to Visit Venezuela
9. UN Elects Erdogan’s Turkey to Oversee Human Rights Activists
8. Cuba Allowed to Cheat on UN Rights Review, With Hundreds of Fake Submissions
7. UN Elects Saudi Arabia to Three Different UN Women's Rights Bodies
6. UN Rights Officials Silent on Iran’s Assault on Protesters
5. UN Elects Regimes of Eritrea, Somalia, Cameroon to Human Rights Council
4. UN General Assembly Condemns Israel 21 Times, But Fails to Condemn Hamas Once
3. Lavish Praise for China & Saudi Human Rights Records in UN Reviews
2. UN Rep Lobbies for Worst Dictatorships Against Western Sanctions
1. Syria's Assad Regime Chairs UN Disarmament Forum